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 Throughout the year, The Rotary Dial Council conducts exclusive events for its subscribers around the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.  These events provide timely, relevant and valuable information and entertainment, but they also make for a terrific environment to develop new friends and to get together with old friends as well!

While most Council Events are for the exclusive attendance of Council subscribers, we do offer some events to the general public as well.   Those that are open to the public will be shown below and can be registered for directly!

Stay Tuned for June!

Our June 2019 Council Event

With our April 2019 event's success we know we have a tough act to follow, but the planning has begun.  Our Councillors have told us loud and clear that a key issue they wrestle with is in considering the financial aspects of retirement.....before, during and after.

We're working on the agenda and lining up the terrific guest speakers you've come to expect from us.

This one may or may not be open to the public, so if there was ever a good time to become a Councillor.....

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Our Recent event of April 2, 2019

An Exceptional Start to 2019!


We began the year with an "open to the public" event for 2019, featuring a fascinating presentation and discussion on the National Institute on Ageing’s latest National Seniors Strategy, an evolving evidence-informed policy document and blueprint for the future of Canada’s ageing population … and a roadmap for the federal government for enabling the meaningful change that will be needed to meet the needs of ageing Canadians.

It was an exceptional evening with top line guest speakers and a terrific audience who engaged in some insightful conversation on a subject near and dear to all of our hearts!